Benefits of Waterproof Connectors

Posted by Timothy Carter, Director of Global Operations on 10/22/20 8:46 AM

They're rugged, inexpensive and crafted from a high-resistant plastic.

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A Visual Quality Guide to HDMI Connectors

Posted by Circuit Assembly on 9/12/19 9:46 AM

When you are selecting HDMI cabling, you should focus on the connector itself as over 90% of cable failures occur at and around the connector. Below is a visual guide comparing our high-quality HDMI connectors to some leading competitor ones. For any questions on how to select HDMI cabling - or other types of cables and connectors - please do not hesitate to reach out to us here

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HDMI, DVI, & Display Port

Posted by Circuit Assembly on 9/3/19 6:02 AM

The digital age has not yet un-tethered us from cables. And, it seems like more and more types of cables are flooding the market. What’s a consumer to do?

Here’s some info that can help.

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Electric Vehicle Connectors: The Challenge for Engineers

Posted by Circuit Assembly on 6/10/19 6:02 AM


Rising fuel costs, a desire to reduce one’s carbon footprint, and increased electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) options are paving the way for strong growth of the EV market. Research shows a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5% between 2016 and 2024.
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Home & Office Networking: Ethernet vs WiFi

Posted by Circuit Assembly on 6/3/19 6:02 AM


You have a few options in setting up a local area network (LAN) in an office or residence. You can focus on a wired ethernet-connected network or a wireless network. If the latter, please note you would still require a single ethernet (or RJ-45) connection to a modem, which then supplies the wireless connection to computers and devices in range.  

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Circuit Assembly Highlights Customization in Corporate Brochure

Posted by Circuit Assembly on 5/28/19 6:02 AM

We have made it easier for our customers to glimpse at what we have to offer by outlining our options in a new corporate brochure. We have included our new IP67/IP68 waterproof and harsh conditions connectors, as well as our solar options.

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Standards and Ratings: What do RoHS, Reach, UL, and IP mean?

Posted by Circuit Assembly on 5/20/19 6:06 AM


There are a lot of acronyms floating around out there on the equipment, devices, and components we buy. But what do they all mean? This post will look specifically at four common standards/ratings: RoHS, REACH, UL, & IP.

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End of Life Parts Live Again with Circuit Assembly Design and Manufacturing

Posted by Moneeb Afzal on 4/23/19 9:27 AM

One of the many ways Circuit Assembly supplies unique skills across the globe is through supporting “End of Life” (EOL) programs. In the electro-mechanical industry, parts are designed and produced for a certain amount of time. Large manufacturers will continue to build and sell their product to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) so long as there is sufficient demand. If an OEM’s usage declines, it can cause the manufacturer to end that particular product line.

The EOL forces the OEM to rush to fulfill the needs of a program that has, many times, historically sustained for years. Our customers must be able to fulfill their program promptly, with high-quality defect free parts to provide a smooth transition and NO interruption in production.

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