Component Considerations for Your Cable Assembly or Wire Harness

Posted by Timothy Carter, Director of Global Operations on 3/23/21 3:20 PM

Wire harnesses are used in different industries to ease the production of a larger component. They are useful in the production of different appliances, electronic equipment, and medical devices. Moreover, they are used in various aerospace, military, and aviation applications, in telecommunication equipment, in the development of robots, and in most vehicles.

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Benefits of Active Optical Cables

Posted by Timothy Carter, Director of Global Operations on 8/31/20 2:15 PM

Exceptional performance. Low power consumption. Low cost. And a variety of end uses and applications.

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Copper Clad Cables vs. Solid Copper Cables

Posted by Timothy Carter, Director of Global Operations on 6/30/20 8:23 AM

Copper clad vs. solid copper cables - which is better suited for your needs? You may already have some familiarity with these two types of cables, but it's always good to brush up on the basics to help determine which one to use for your next application. After all, not all cables are the same and making the correct choice between the two is crucial for both saving costs and maintaining data integrity. We've broken things down here to help you with your next selection.

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How to Choose the Right Cable Assembly: Field vs. Molded

Posted by Timothy Carter, Director of Global Operations on 5/27/20 9:44 AM

Field assembly cable or molded assembly cable? It's a question that we receive at Circuit Assembly often. While we're always happy to consult with customers to help determine the best type of assembly for their application, we thought a blog on the topic could also help shed some light on the debate. In this post, we'll discuss the basics of molded and field assembly. We'll also discuss key factors for deciding between each. 

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A Visual Quality Guide to HDMI Connectors

Posted by Circuit Assembly on 9/12/19 9:46 AM

When you are selecting HDMI cabling, you should focus on the connector itself as over 90% of cable failures occur at and around the connector. Below is a visual guide comparing our high-quality HDMI connectors to some leading competitor ones. For any questions on how to select HDMI cabling - or other types of cables and connectors - please do not hesitate to reach out to us here

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Types of Copper Wire Cable Testing

Posted by Circuit Assembly on 9/9/19 11:44 AM
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