Spotlight on Solving for End of Life (EOL) Parts

Posted by Circuit Assembly on 6/17/19 6:05 AM


We are a proud leader in interface connectors and cable assemblies. We've been custom designing parts for 50 years and are dedicated to solving any type of design or parts issue our customers encounter. A serious and costly issue our customers frequently encounter is when a manufacturer ceases to make a part. This is know as End of Life, or EOL, and it can leave customers in a serious bind.

All too often the EOL is a complete surprise to the customer and it can negatively impact existing inventory, jeopardize customer service to the end customer, and cost thousands of dollars in finding a solution.

We have put together a case study focusing on an EOL situation one of our globally recognized medical technology customers faced. This is an example of how have helped countless companies cope with EOL parts.


EOL Case Study



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