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Posted by Moneeb Afzal on 4/23/19 9:27 AM
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Circuit Assembly EOL Blog Post

One of the many ways Circuit Assembly supplies unique skills across the globe is through supporting “End of Life” (EOL) programs. In the electro-mechanical industry, parts are designed and produced for a certain amount of time. Large manufacturers will continue to build and sell their product to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) so long as there is sufficient demand. If an OEM’s usage declines, it can cause the manufacturer to end that particular product line.

The EOL forces the OEM to rush to fulfill the needs of a program that has, many times, historically sustained for years. Our customers must be able to fulfill their program promptly, with high-quality defect free parts to provide a smooth transition and NO interruption in production.

Circuit Assembly excels at providing solutions in costly EOL situations by providing custom products that support  programs for years to come. We offer Circuit Assembly equivalents that have the same form, fit, and function to provide the exact same parts with equivalent or even higher quality standards.

We start with either a sample, CAD drawing, or 3D model to obtain the dimensions and bill of materials of the EOL parts. Then our engineering and purchasing teams assess the information and advise as to possible equivalent materials that can be used to reduce costs. The engineering team creates a preliminary drawing for the customer to review. Once approved, a quote is sent.EOL ProcessCircuit Assembly can manufacture the required tooling for a part or assembly while following all proper manufacturing processes and guidelines. Complete documentation is provided, with required certifications. And Circuit Assembly supports the project through its entire lifetime ensuring that products will not miss order dates or endure costly redesigns.

If any of your components are nearing end of life contact our field applications engineering team and let's customize today!

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