Circuit Assembly Launches 1500V Solar Connectors

Posted by Andrew Lang on 2/19/19 6:00 AM

To stay competitive, you're constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency while reducing costs. We understand your challenge. At Circuit Assembly, keeping pace with new and developing technology and requirements is very important to us.

We're announcomg the availability of new 1500V solar connectors to help you take advantage of upgrading from standard 1000V products. 

1500 V Solar Connector

Using 1500V solar connectors in your projects provides the following benefits: 

  • Reduced system and installation costs 
  • Infrastructure savings
  • End-to-end efficiency improvements
  • Less strings and cable length 
  • ... and more! 

You can view the product specifications, review drawings, and request a quote to buy these solar connectors by simply clicking on the button below. 

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