A Visual Quality Guide to HDMI Connectors

Posted by Circuit Assembly on 9/12/19 9:46 AM

When you are selecting HDMI cabling, you should focus on the connector itself as over 90% of cable failures occur at and around the connector. Below is a visual guide comparing our high-quality HDMI connectors to some leading competitor ones. For any questions on how to select HDMI cabling - or other types of cables and connectors - please do not hesitate to reach out to us here

There are 8 key elements to look for when selecting an HDMI cable as outlined below.

1) Connector Shell


The connector shell should be G/F, or gold flash, plated. Ni, or nickel, plating is not as resistant to corrosion. G/F plating is more resistant and therefore better for use in harsh environments. G/F plating also typically has a higher mating cycle than Ni plating connectors. 

2) Contact 


HDMI connectors are supposed to perform for 10,000 mating cycles. 15 micro inches of gold usually equates to 10K mating cycles, so they are of a higher quality than 12u" or basic G/F plating.  


3) Cable Shield


An HDMI cable's shield helps keep outside elements from interrupting the cable's signal. A thicker AL, or aluminum, shield gives more protection. 


4) Cable Conduct


TC, or Tinned Copper, is much more rugged than CCS (Copper Clad Steel) or BC (Bare Copper). Tinned Copper can better perform in wet and humid environments.


5) Conductor Resistance


Contact resistance is measured in Ohms. A good resistance is 2.0 Ohms or less.  


6) EMI Shield 


Soldering on both sides of the connector creates a stronger bond. It is highly recommended that you avoid HDMI cables that have no shield at all.


7) EMI Shield cont. 


A braid on the connection points of the shield area strengthens the bond. This is especially of value for HDMI cables that will constantly be plugged in and unplugged.  


8) Solder Pin


Soldering creates a permanent connection. It creates connections between the wires to ensure seamless flow of electricity. For the best quality, select an HDMI cable where all points are soldered. 

These 8 tips represent the primary quality points you should look for when selecting an HDMI cable. For information on waterproof HDMI cables, please see our feature Waterproof Plastic Connectors.

We have 50 years experience in cable assemblies. For any assistance on how to select quality connectors or cables, please reach out to our experts below today!

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